Presenting in Hong Kong - "Making customer satisfaction feedback actionable for societal benefit"

I’ve been working in Hong Kong this week presenting at the 10th POMS-HK International Conference hosted by City University Hong Kong (with a conference theme of ‘Operations Management Excellence for a Better World’), and visiting the CIH Asian Pacific Branch in Kowloon Bay.

My presentation focused on my PhD research exploring how to make customer feedback actionable in social housing - a real challenge for all sectors, irrespective of whether they are public, private, or non-profit. The findings of my research confirmed that higher performing organisations are better at using customer feedback to inform service performance improvements, and also that there are particular best practices that can be undertaken to achieve this that any organisation could adopt.

However, even higher performing organisations face challenges when trying to operationalise customer satisfaction, with the ‘actionability’ element being the most difficult feedback process to deploy. It is hoped by providing a service operations management model detailing process stages and associated practices, that it will help social housing organisations maximise their customer feedback in future.

If you’d like to know more about my research findings, please get in touch.

Simon Williams

Director, Service Insights Ltd