What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping is an invaluable technique to help change processes and cultures by eliciting a customer-led view of service experiences and priorities.

In its most basic form, a customer journey map is an illustration of all the places (‘touchpoints’) customers come into contact with an organisation, online and off. The use of customer journey mapping introduces a powerful tool in helping organisations better understand how customers experience the delivery of services and where to improve them.

How does it work in practice?

The Customer Journey Mapping process usually focusses upon one service in detail, and involves closely working with staff (and customers where possible) to identify all the stages and individual process associated with service delivery. These are set out to compare the reality of service compared against the ideal customer journey.

To make the process easy to collaborate and share amongst staff, Service Insights Ltd use Uxpressia software. Full training is provided for this easy to use and intuitive software, and we will help you set up your own free account.

What does it cost?

Different organisations have different scales of customer journey mapping requirements. Service Insights Ltd have worked with single services in a day to multiple services over several months. Get in touch to discuss your needs and we will find a bespoke solution tailored to your needs. We also offer Customer Journey Mapping training on request.